Julia Williamson

For over 15 years Julia Williamson has been working with horses and their owners. She´s an internationally recognized mentor and trainer focused on creating a thriving horse human relationship and discovering talents and strengths within the horse so that they can unfold their true potential.

Her holistic approach considers the horses environment, lifestyle, physical and mental soundness. Any use of force or coercive means is strictly unacceptable for her. Training aids such as draw reins, side reins or tight nosebands are non existing in her training equipment. Her approach is science based, her principles are ease and clear and her methods are efficient and keep the longevity and happiness of the horse in mind.

Horses of all types and breeds and from all disciplines are welcomed.

Julia´s core principle is to always respect the nature of every individual horse. Her goal is to create a thriving, reliable partner in our horses who can live a long, happy and healthy life.

Invite ideas instead of pushing them upon the horse. Never has there been beauty and lightness in forced compliance.

Julia Williamson

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If you have specific questions regarding horse training, horse keeping, behavior or training issues, Julia recommends to lay these out within a Coaching Call with her so she can deep dive into the ongoing situation in person with you. If you have questions regarding getting your horse onto Julia´s waitlist for full time training or you´re looking to collaborate, please fill in the form below and we´ll contact you.