Full Time Training

My Services include

  • Starting the unhandled Horse
  • Re- training the remedial
  • Training “Problem-Horses” / addressing issues

Next to the mentioned services I also offer Liberty Training, Circensik Lessons as well as Classical Dressage Training. I train my horses through gentle methods to give them all the tools they need to become a willing and nonresistant Partner for life.

The owner is welcome to watch at any time. All Horses are trained on a schedule.

Solving Issues

Horses can develop and show a variety of behavioral patterns which are undesirable and can be dangerous for both – the horse and the rider. I help you to solve and eliminate those problems.

These are some of the main undesirable behavioural patterns that I work with:

  • biting
  • rearing
  • kicking
  • bolting
  • bucking
  • fear + anxiety
  • cinch/ girth problems
  • pushiness
  • fear of the saddle
  • fear of the bit
  • mounting problems
  • trailer loading issues
  • not going forwards
  • not being able to stand still
  • not being able to come to a halt
  • ….

Full Time Training

Including 5 training sessions per week

• dependig on the training level of the horse sometimes split into 2 session per day

• Owner is always welcome to visit horse

• Green horses /horses that are staying for being started under saddle are recommended to stay for at least 3 months in order to be able to have the time to build a solid foundation

• Updates on the horses progress are given through text message / phone calls or in person visitations.

• Owner lessons and body work sessions can be booked seperately

Full Time Training implies the following boarding situation throughout the horse´s stay :

24×24 Stall with 8×12 Shelter

– unlimited Hay : Bermuda, Alfalfa Type I or II

– fresh water

– cleaning water tanks as needed

– feeding up to 3x a day (or 24/7 free choice )

– daily stall cleaning

– feeding owner supplied supplements/ grain

– 24/7 on site supervision + camera system