About Us

In January 2019 our dreams came true when we were officially able to call our ranch our new home. With moving to our new home our plans to create an antmosphere in which the horse is able to develop it´s potentials and talents became more and more reality.

Step by step we realized our plans and The Horse Center came alive.

Meet Julia Williamson

Anything forced and misunderstood can never we beautiful

– Xenophon

Ever since I can remember, I´ve been fascinated by horses. Their softness, power, elegance and intelligence are only few of their characteristics which made me follow my passion all my life.

My mission is to share what I have learned about horses and what horses have taught me. I teach people and horses to understand the “Why”.

My Goal is that clients walk away with a set of tools, the knowledge as well as the confidence they need, to continue to progress in their human-horse relationship as well as their equitation.