Equine Sports Massage & Bodywork

Equine Sports Massage and Bodywork is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the equine athletes. It is allowing them to perform optimally and reduce the chance of injury by maximizing range of motion and decreasing muscular restrictions.

Horses athletes are often asked to perform maneuvers that can cause repetitve stress injuries. Through massage and body work we can help prevent stress injuries before they occur. Like humans horses can benefit from maintenance body work as well as recovery treatments.

Gentle non-invasive and energetic techniques are amazing to :

  • balance the mind, body and spirit
  • help with arising performance issues
  • alleviate pain
  • reduce inflammation
  • increase flexibility
  • decrease anxiety
  • relief tightness around old scar tissue
  • relief of tight/ sore muscles
  • increase blood flow
  • increase the sense of well being
  • achieve a musculoskeletal balance
  • imrpove disposition
  • improve digestion

Are your curious if we can help you and your horse ?

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