Without fear – Without force – Without confusion

My philosophy includes understanding the horse in its whole being and to work on a high level of competence. It is important to me that the horses mind and body are in harmony. Therefore I always check the correct fit of the horses tack, it´s current nutrition, the horses teeth, it´s anatomy, physiology, any kind of body discomforts, it´s current hoof-health ,its mindset and I evaluate any kind of behavior abnormalities.

Only through seein the “big picture” I can really get to the root of a problem and help you and your horse in the long run.

The golden rule of my philosophy is to always keep the respect for the horse. All breeds, all genders and all stages of age are welcome at my Training Center. I exlude any use of force or coercive artificial aids like e.g. side reins, draw reins, tightly closed nose bands etc. Our goal is to set your horse up for a long and healthy life.

Through my understandable, reliable and efficient methods I support the horse to be a motivated and willing Partner with always respecting the nature of the horse. This allows the horse and the owner to access high school equitation even though you have an “ordinary” horse.