In-Hand Work

The art of communication from the ground

In-Hand work is en essential part of my training. I use it with every horse from green and inexperienced to high levels of dressage. Because it’s an amazing tool to prepare and ease your horse into new exercises and skills.

I start out without building a correct foundation to then help the horse horse progress to more advanced levels.

Teaching Basics,work on the balance and rhythm and introduce the horse to new movements and exercises.

What you can teach and/or redefine in-Hand 








-lateral flexion

-vertical flexion

-lateral movement’s

-prepare the green/inexperienced horse for the first ride

-introduce the horse to a bit

-explain these horse how to ‘stir off’ the bit

-explain the half halt and the halt

-your horse can´t currently wear a saddle ?!/ has some back soreness? -> In-Hand work is the perfect tool to strengthen your horses back and to still work your horse even though you can´t actually ride him.

….and many more aids/skills/movements/exercises!

In-Hand work can be challenging BUT it´s also very rewarding!

In-Hand work can be challenging at times (and you need to be fit to be able to keep up with your horse) but it’s also very rewarding as you gain more insights and knowledge about your horse throughout the training.

It’s a great tool especially for young horses to explain and teach them how to properly use their body, built confidence + strength and create a supple and balance horse with a clear rhythm.

The horse learns to trust in himself as well as to trust in you.

In order to be able to provide a good quality of In-Hand work you have to be sensitive, have a good timing and a well trained feeling.

In-Hand work helps us to see how the horse carries himself -it allows us to be more objective and observing and ‘address’ weaknesses more on point.

I personally love to warm up my horses in-Hand before I actually hop on.

It’s a great way to supple the horse and warm up his muscles. Another great benefit is that you are able to see in what kind of ‘mood’ your horse is in as well as you are able to focus your horses mind onto the upcoming tasks.

You can also use the work in-hand to cool down or calm your horse down after a ride where you can let him stretch and relax without also having to carry a human.

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